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engaging, funny and thought provoking

“I was invited to a networking and relationship building workshop led by Dinah. I didn’t expect it to be so captivating! She explained, in a very compelling way, to a bunch of senior experienced professionals how to fully engage when building relationships and how not to be so reserved. I consider myself to be an extrovert and realised, as a result of the workshop, that I don’t exploit fully the full range of networking tools that are just waiting to be used.”

Vlad, Commercial Director, Manufacturing

full of practical ideas

“Attended Dinah’s fantastic networking workshop recently. This is about real networking in the real world (sorry LinkedIn) and is full of practical ideas, approaches, and it gave me the confidence to rollup my sleeves and make new contacts, connect and help people in an authentic way. Made me think and made me take action to forge new real world connections!”

Nick, Head of Human Resources, Gilead Sciences


a breath of fresh air

“I attended a Master Class on the power of Networking ran by Dinah in November 2017. We all know that networking is important, both professionally and personally, but finding the time is the biggest challenge given the busy lives we all lead. Dinah was a powerhouse of ideas, stories and examples of how to harness your network and create new relationships. Her expertise and passion in this area is unrivaled. Her workshop was like a breath of fresh air and I would highly recommend her to anyone or any organisation looking to build, grow and maintain successful networks.”

Greg, HR Director, Facilities Management

extremely valuable for me

“I attended one of Dinah’s ‘Networking’ workshops and found it extremely useful. Dinah is clearly a subject-matter expert, and this combined with her practical ‘how to’ approach and fantastic energy levels made the workshop thoroughly enjoyable and extremely valuable for me.”

Ian, Commercial Director, Hospitality


funny and thought provoking

“Dinah’s style is engaging, funny and thought provoking. Her enthusiasm, intellect and subject knowledge make her an ideal choice for a Workshop Facilitator, Trainer & Keynote Speaker!”

David, Regional Vice President, Construction & Industrial

well liked and respected

“Dinah has always been professional and creative with all of her interactions with the Rialto team . She is well liked and respected . Dinah’s recent workshop with some of our senior clients on successfully developing networking leadership skills was very well received and we will certainly be booking her in the future to repeat this impact”

Richard, Director, Rialto Consultancy

she really made a difference

“Dinah and I worked together for a short period but she really made a difference! Dinah is very creative but still has an enviable eye for detail. Tenacious and well organised she is able to gauge the temperature of an organisation’s dynamics and come up with a workable plan.”

Mitch, VP & Head of Transaction Banking, ACI Worldwide


valuable expertise

“Dinah brought valuable expertise, experience and leadership in designing and developing the marketing strategy and plan for our new product lines….These products are now live in the UK and 4 other international markets.”

Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Vocalink

positive and full of energy

“I have worked with Dinah on a number of projects and have found her unfailingly helpful and supportive. She is always very positive and full of energy as well as showing great flexibility when the circumstances demand it.”

Chris, President, Europe, Global Payments

enthusiasm is infectious

“Dinah’s oomph and enthusiasm is infectious; every time I put the phone down having spoken to Dinah I instantly feel energised and invigorated. Her skills and ability are known to all who come to know and work with her. The success of the project is largely attributed to her unfaltering work ethic.”

Paul, Vice President, New Business, Marsh

lively and creative

“Dinah was great at networking and building positive relationships with senior leaders in the business. She has a very lively and creative mind and is hugely committed to the task she takes on. Her work often involved international assignments which she undertook with determination and a real sense of purpose.”

John, International Line of Business Managing Director, Logica

a really inspiring session

“I attended a really inspiring networking session that Dinah led recently. Dinah communicated a key message for me – which is that networking is a means of connecting with others and helping them, it is not (as I always saw it and therefore disliked it strongly as a concept) a self-centred and self-promotional activity. I have used what I learnt to help make connections between others to help them in whatever areas they need bit of a steer in their current or future day-jobs. And I have been much better at networking with others to build on my own areas of expertise. Thanks Dinah!”

Hilary, Director of Governance & Compliance, Genesis Housing Association

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