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Masterclasses & Mentoring

Dinahmo offers a range of bite-size, half-day and full-day group or individual sessions on Strategic Networking and on Storytelling.

I also run an Ambassador Academy to help your managers and executives represent your brand and add value to your business.

Networking Masterclasses
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Storytelling Masterclasses

a powerhouse of ideas

“Dinah was a powerhouse of ideas, stories and examples of how to harness your network and create new relationships. Her expertise and passion in this area is unrivalled. Her workshop was like a breath of fresh air and I would highly recommend her to anyone or any organisation looking to build, grow and maintain successful networks.”

Greg, HR Director, Facilities Management


  • I love interaction.
  • I hate busy slides.
  • I embrace and tell stories to help you remember key learning points.
  • I always engage and deliver with passion and energy to keep you focused.
  • I provide exercises and assignments that you can implement immediately to integrate into your business and get amazing results.
  • I always offer follow-up group or individual coaching to embed learning, encourage action and track achievements.


All Masterclasses are designed and delivered by me, Dinah Tobias, I share my own experience of building influential networks and creating powerful brand narratives for large organisations and start-ups over the last 26 years.

I will reveal the secrets that work for senior executives within my own network.

I always over-deliver and blend my skill as an engaging facilitator, mentor and performance coach.

I also mentor senior executives on a one-to-one basis, you can be confident that I will challenge and support you to achieve your objectives.



Networking to actively navigate your career

This Masterclass helps you identify and nurture your network and gives you tools to be ready to secure your next career move without relying on recruitment adverts and exec search firms!

Networking to actively navigate your career

Most new jobs and career promotions are found through a strong value-driven network.

Are you a business professionals who has let your network ‘evaporate’?

Do you need to gain access to the centre of your circle of influence to put yourself in prime position to climb the corporate ladder?

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Smart networking for business growth

This Masterclass helps you develop strategies to cultivate strong connections, increase client impact and use networking to keep ahead of the game. Get the inside track and make yourself and your business valuable and memorable.

Smart networking for business growth

Do you want to turn your clients and partners into your advocates?

Would you like to be the go-to business/person in your area of expertise?

Learn how to prioritise networking and keep your networks active – and why this will pay back dividends against your business objectives, sales growth and reputation.

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Leveraging social capital for connected Leadership

This Masterclass is for Leaders to address strategies which nurture social capital to facilitate your communication and co-operation across organisational barriers and with industry counterparts.

Leveraging social capital for connected Leadership

Come and learn the secrets of:

  • strong and weak ties that reduce conflict across company silos
  • influencing and supporting your organisational and industry counterparts
  • where the gaps in your social capital practice lie and how to strengthen them
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Mastering the art of authentic business relationships

This Masterclass is for business professionals who would like to create valuable connections and engage in meaningful and trusting dialogues. It is especially useful for people who lack confidence in building rapport or who tend to 'sell' rather than network.

Mastering the art of authentic business relationships

Do you find it challenging initiating discussions when networking?

Have you wondered what your ‘value’ is when interacting with other business counterparts?

Would you like to discover how to engage, support and create authentic connection when networking?

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Walking the floor – how to network inside corporate walls

This Masterclass would suit those who work in an international and matrix style organisation. Learn how to fast-track your career internally and add value to the business direction of the organisation.

Walking the floor – networking inside corporate walls

Learn the game-changing secrets to get noticed and get ahead at work

Are you uncomfortable interacting with people you don’t work alongside or who are more senior to you?

Would you like to find mentors and advocates internally so that you can get your ideas on the agenda?

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Feel the fear and network anyway – make events work for you

I have seen CEOs of large organisations hide away in a corner at networking events waiting for the presentations to start. Does this sound familiar? This workshop is for YOU!

Feel the fear and network anyway – make events work for you

  • Learn how to prepare for success in advance of an event
  • Take control and stand out when working a room
  • Find ways to engage in memorable conversation without hard pitching
  • Create a lasting impression that leads to the next encounter
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Storytelling for Leaders

This Masterclass is for Leaders who want to bring to life the 'Why?' in their strategy and change programmes. Be memorable, inspire, influence and create a powerful call to action.

Storytelling for Leaders

Do you tend to rely on logic and reason rather than emotion and connection?

Create an effective strategy story that you own and can be retold.

Find the triggers that inspire trust, engagement and motivation.

This Masterclass is followed by a series of coaching sessions and practical assignments.
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Brand narratives – finding the WOW and crafting the story

This Masterclass looks at how to take your brand beyond mediocre to meaningful. Understand how to create purposeful brand engagement with employees, partners and customers.

Brand narratives – finding the WOW and crafting the story

Would you like to take your brand beyond utility and towards relationship?

Distill the essence of your message to make it memorable and repeatable.

Use story-listening to capture the transformative meaning of your brand for customers and employees.

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Using interactive storytelling to create Team chemistry

This Masterclass is for teams that want to use storytelling to build heart, cohesion and celebration into your interactions

Using interactive storytelling to create Team chemistry

  • Examine the dormant stories and connective tissue that inform the stories of teams
  • Become a team of storytellers who persuade, align and inspire trust
  • Reinforce storytelling to promote inclusion, collaboration and empathy within and between teams
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Lost in data – telling stories that have impact, insight and meaning

This Masterclass is for all of you who are wedded to numbers, facts and logic. You will never (or rarely) want to communicate your message or information via Powerpoint or pitching again!

Lost in data – telling stories that have impact, insight and meaning

Do your audiences remember all those facts and figures you designed in little charts and infographics?

Find stories in your data.

Learn how to present your key elements in a way that connects with the audience on an emotional and authentic level.

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Imagine… using stories to persuade, influence and sell

This Masterclass is for customer-facing professionals who sell, build relationships and pitch. Embed storytelling in the way you educate, engage and excite customers, prospects and industry colleagues.

Imagine… using stories to persuade, influence and sell

  • Use imagination to go beyond the features and benefits of your proposition, product or service.
  • Find and elevate memorable business narratives that drive engagement.
  • Establish credibility and urgency in your stories that your listener can relate to and that will propel them to take action.
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Personal brand impact through storytelling

This Masterclass will help business owners and professionals distill and hone their personal brand story to make them memorable and build an army of cheerleaders.

Personal brand impact through storytelling

Why should I spend time talking to you?

Build a personal story that illustrates your abilities and skills without appearing to pitch.

Use stories to:

  • create connection
  • show what you stand for and
  • showcase your personality
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My Workshops, Masterclasses and Coaching sessions give you space to learn, connect, be playful, and to truly understand the creation of: