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Consulting and Mentoring

In addition to masterclasses and facilitation, I also work in a mentoring and consulting capacity.

At the core of my work is cultivating deeper human connection in business.

I grow and nurture people, brands, business and culture – and take a holistic view with every challenge I encounter.

Work With Dinahmo

valuable expertise, experience and leadership

“Dinah brought valuable expertise, experience and leadership in designing and developing the marketing strategy and plan for our new product lines including mobile payments and international real-time clearing. These products are now live in the UK and 4 other international markets.”

Paul, CEO, Vocalink


  • Encourage your customers to spread the word about how you have transformed their businesses.
  • Inspire a culture of communication and collaboration inside your business
  • Create the narrative that will reassure your people and other stakeholders post-merger or acquisition and get them talking with one voice.
  • Tell the story of your new product or brand in a way that can truly be heard, felt and understood (we can help you develop and launch it too).
  • Find the stories to grab the attention of your target market and stand out from the crowd.

Dinah has 26 years of strategic marketing, business development experience with global corporate and start-up businesses, especially in the Fintech and IT sectors


knack of getting to the nub of the issue

“Dinah is a breath of fresh air to work with, she has the knack of getting to the nub of the issue at hand and works with you, patiently, to address. She worked with me on my communications strategy at ACI. Her clear and direct style save a lot of time and ambiguity that helped me immensely. I can thoroughly recommend Dinah.”

Paul, SVP and General Manager, EMEA/AP, ACI Worldwide

Dinah would be an asset to any company

“Dinah’s creativity and flair helped create an identity for our Mobile Products Business inside a corporation that was primarily focused on projects and unique solutions. This allowed customers to identify with the division as a strategic product supplier while not contradicting the PLC’s overall solutions message. Dinah would be an asset to any company seeking to integrate acquisitions into their overall marketing story.”

Joe, Chief Technology Officer, Mobile Products, Logica

a very positive experience

“Collaborating with Dinah during a very intensive phase of a transition after a merger was a very positive experience. Dinah handled the challenging assignments with an open mind/out-of-the-box mentality, always looking for solutions and alternatives with the customer values as base. Her structured input was beneficial for the team.”

Gerard, Director

My Workshops, Masterclasses and Coaching sessions give you space to learn, connect, be playful, and to truly understand the creation of: