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“How precious words are and how real speech is in its impact on the way people live and die”

Nelson Mandela

Work With Dinahmo


  • A leader who needs to inspire and relay your vision and values.
  • A professional aiming for the next big role.
  • A sales executive who wants to influence.
  • A marketing professional who wants to bring your brand to life.
  • A team leader looking to harness your team’s collaborative and innovative core.
  • A company with customer-facing or business development managers who need to major on building trusted relationships.
  • A corporate wanting to extend your brand message reach through your people.
  • An event organiser eager for your attendees to make authentic connections.
  • A management team who is searching for what brings you closer.


✓ facilitating your team-building or strategy planning day
✓ hosting your corporate event ice breaker or team-building session
✓ running masterclasses on networking or storytelling for your company
✓ offering a public masterclass on networking for your business or career
✓ creating a culture of brand ambassadors
✓ mentoring your leadership team on creating trusted dialogue
✓ transforming your culture of communication during and following periods of change

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valuable expertise

“Dinah brought valuable expertise, experience and leadership in designing and developing the marketing strategy and plan for our new product lines….These products are now live in the UK and 4 other international markets.”

Paul, Chief Executive Officer, Vocalink

Getting your story heard amongst a tsunami of communication and messaging is overwhelming.  Finding the best way to tell your story for the right audience can be a challenge – whether it be internal or external stakeholders.

Dinahmo helps you take your stories and elevate them to memorable business narratives that drive engagement for the listener.

By building rapport and putting yourself at the centre of your circle of influence, your strongest connections will become your biggest advocates and will take your story out to others.

Dinahmo helps you build relationships and unlock the full potential of your professional network so that you can drive a lifetime of support, sales and success.

My Workshops, Masterclasses and Coaching sessions give you space to learn, connect, be playful, and to truly understand the creation of: