The ethos behind Dinahmo Consulting is delivering with integrity, initiative, energy and a holistic approach.  Where possible we want to ensure success by connecting all marketing, business development and networking strategies back to core values.

Dinah Tobias helps organisations achieve growth by scoping, supporting and implementing their marketing and business development vision.  She also has talented associates she can call on if you need specialist tactical support.

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Why do our clients and partners work with us?

Integrity: Everything we do must be consistent with our values, methods and principles that we know will deliver a successful outcome for our clients. If we don’t think we can achieve the results you expect or we feel our values do not match up, we will tell you and review if a project can move forward.

Initiative: Having launched businesses from a blank sheet of paper, worked on commercially sensitive projects and harmonised marketing strategies from across 35+ countries, our initiative is unlimited! We find solutions and inventive ways to help you achieve your goals, often with few resources or budget.

Energy: Taking inspiration from being known for having lots of energy, tenacity and as one client described it, ‘oomph’, we strive to inspire, motivate and channel our energy into delivering fantastic outcomes for our clients. So as a ‘human dynamo’ it seemed only right to take the idea one step further and combine it with our name – hence Dinahmo Consulting!

Holistic approach: We support you through the process of defining your goals and evaluate how they sit within your overall business vision. We have experience of working with multi-functional teams from HR, finance, corporate communications, legal, sales, account management, and operations. Our added-value is in understanding how to extract and weave together the various requirements of a leadership team, whilst keeping a pragmatic eye on translating these into branding or marketing deliverables.

Supportive: When it comes to implementation of your marketing, business development or networking strategies, we listen carefully to your hopes, aspirations and sometimes concerns about how to deliver. Then we blend advice based on experience and strong coaching questions to help you find the best path to achieve your goals and execute your plans.

About Dinah Tobias