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These are some testimonials and recommendations for Dinah Tobias from clients, partners and colleagues from the last 25 years. When she’s feeling blue, overwhelmed or needs a bit of boost, she is not ashamed to say she has a little read of these to give a kick start to her Dinahmo!

“Dinah’s plans, processes and thinking formed the foundations for future work by marketing and communication teams in multiple countries. Her attention to detail and ability to manage local and virtual teams of mixed skills and seniority ensured plans were seen through to successful implementation.”
Country Marketing Director, Logica

“Dinah and I worked together for a short period but she really made a difference! Dinah is very creative but still has an enviable eye for detail. Tenacious and well organised she is able to gauge the temperature of an organisation’s dynamics and come up with a workable plan.”
VP & Head of Transaction Banking, ACI Worldwide

“Dinah brought valuable expertise, experience and leadership in designing and developing the marketing strategy and plan for our new product lines….These products are now live in the UK and 4 other international markets.”
Chief Executive Officer, Vocalink

“I have worked with Dinah on a number of projects and have found her unfailingly helpful and supportive. She is always very positive and full of energy as well as showing great flexibility when the circumstances demand it.”
Managing Director, HSBC Merchant Services

“We have been very impressed with her professionalism, attention to detail and her creativity.”
EVP, Acquiring Business Unit, Managing Director NER/AUS, Ingenico

“Dinah is a wonderfully structured person with passion, commitment, and knowledge and experience.”
Director, Financial Services, Steria

“Dinah is a breath of fresh air to work with, she has the knack of getting to the nub of the issue at hand and works with you, patiently, to address it. She worked with me on my communications strategy at ACI. Her clear and direct style save a lot of time and ambiguity that helped me immensely. I can thoroughly recommend Dinah.”
Managing Director, EMEA & SVP, ACI Worldwide

“Dinah is an unbelievably focussed organiser with an innate ability to enlist, persuade and motivate customers, contributors and contractors.”
Executive Chairman, Moneyfacts Group

“Great energy, great ideas, great delivery.”
Managing Director, Consulting, Sitel 

“Dinah’s oomph and enthusiasm is infectious; every time I put the phone down having spoken to Dinah I instantly feel energised and invigorated. Her skills and ability are known to all who come to know and work with her. The success of the project is largely attributed to her unfaltering work ethic.”
Vice President, New Business, Marsh

“Dinah’s creativity and flair helped create an identity for Logica’s Mobile Products Business inside a corporation that was primarily focused on projects and unique solutions. This allowed customers to identify with the division as a strategic product supplier while not contradicting the PLC’s overall solutions message. Dinah would be an asset to any company seeking to integrate acquisitions into their overall marketing story.”
CTO, Mobile Networks Division, Logica

“Dinah is a consummate Business Development professional. Her ability to develop relationships, secure commitment and project manage is superb.”
Head of Personal Lending, National Australia Bank

“Dinah was great at networking and building positive relationships with senior leaders in the business. She has a very lively and creative mind and is hugely committed to the task she takes on. Her work often involved international assignments which she undertook with determination and a real sense of purpose.”
International Line of Business Managing Director, Logica

“I can vouch for Dinah’s professionalism and expertise in her field. She is a pleasure to work with, 100% reliable and holds a fastidious attention to detail. I would strongly recommend her to fully manage complex and high-profile projects – she has more than already proved that she can excel at delivering.”
Founding Partner, Didaso Ltd

“Dinah’s enthusiasm and support as Head of Marketing for our global operation was vital and effective, allowing me to communicate a clear and crisp vision to our internal teams and external customers.”
Global e-Business Director, Logica